Rückmeldung und Beanstandung gegenüber OECD wegen falschen Zahlenmaterials über Zensur in Deutschland

Rückmeldung an OECD wegen verwendeten falschen Zahlenmaterials über den Stand der derzeit noch – gegen europäischen Vorgaben – bestehenden und ausgeübten Zensur in Deutschland

Nach europäischen Vorgaben sind die sogenannten „Ehrdelikte“ zu entkriminalisieren.

Deutschland denkt nicht einmal daran, dies zu berücksichtigen oder umzusetzen.

Wir haben festgestellt, daß die Zensur in Deutschland u.a. auch dadurch weiter unangetastet bleibt, indem für Deutschland international falsche Zahlen mitgeteilt werden.

Die OECD hat die Mitteilung zur Kenntnis genommen und untersucht die Angelegenheit.

21 Oktober 2009

Libel and Insult in Germany OECD Report


OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights


OSCE Representative for the Freedom of the Media

Datum: 21.10.2009

Datum des Ausdrucks: 21. Okt. 2009


Libel and Insult Laws, A Matrix on where we stand and what we would like to achive, Vienna 2005, published IRIS 2006-10:2/1 and References

Dear Sir or Madam,

this is to refer to your internet-publication on libel and insult laws, and also on the report in German on pretended success regarding legal de-criminalisation. (“Erfolge bei der Entkriminalisierung von Ehrverletzungen“).

First we would like to mention that the article itself is considered to be excellent and a necessary compliment to European efforts to decriminalize libel and insult laws in Europe.

However, according to my knowledge and information, the part regarding Germany (pages 66, 67) appears to be incomplete and misleading in major points.

Such wrong and/ or incomplete information is, in particular, the following:

1. On Page 66 you report under Criminal Code, court practices:

9. Number of persons accused of defamation, libel and insult:

No figures published.

This information is clearly wrong. There is exact, yearly information published by the Bundeskriminalamt (German Federal Bureau of Investigations).

According to those statistics the number of persons which are prosecuted because of pretended libel and insult amounts to over 200.000 (!), and this number is even steadily growing year by year since 1990 (!).

Also the information under point 10. is not correct.

10. Number of persons convicted, including those sentenced to imprisonment, fines, and probation, and those who received suspended sentences.

No figures published.

According to the German Ministry of Justice, the number of yearly convictions amounts to 25.000 (!). I am attaching my Petition Nr. 4-16-07-451-038903, which, had not been regarded by the German Bundestag or the Government.

In my opinion, there is an additional high „dark” number of cases of criminal prosecution based on those “crimes”. Those criminal procedures are being stopped for consideration of high “donations” to charities. I consider this to be even a mechanism of blackmailing the population, because that money may be floating back into the pockets of the prosecutors themselfes (this bribery naturally can not be proven and therefore is not being prosecuted).

From my practice and expericence as a German Attorney in Law, I also find that many of those criminal prosecution cases are not based upon sufficient evidence of criminal wrongdoing, but are purposely being used and abused in order to hide irregularities in the German Federal and State Governmental areas.

Contrary to your report, my findings are that in the Federal Republic of Germany insult and libel both are being continuously prosecuted with even growing high efforts. Germany does not feel it to be necessary, despite evident growing tendencies of prosecution initiated by the German Government itself of innocent people (mainly dissidents, human right activists and their attorneys, and discriminated minorities), to undertake anything regarding this matter.

I will be glad to render further information on this issue and would politely ask you to have wrong and misleading information in your report and in further reports regarding German insult and libel legislation corrected as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,



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